Dragonfly Denny

Dragonfly Denny is a playful and lavishly illustrated story that children can enjoy. However, written as an allegory, it is so much more. Designed to speak to the “inner child” in us all, it is “metaphor rich” with messages of healing, hope, courage and risk, to all who have reached adulthood as well–because the challenge to continue to grow, and to keep dreaming, should be a lifelong endeavor.

The questions “Who am I?” and “How can I contribute to humanity in a way that fits how I’m wired?” are universally symbolized in the character of Dragonfly Denny. Join her as she struggles to push past external and internal pressures; to find inner healing, answer a creative call, and fly in her own unique way. And as you do…may the healing imagery stir your longings and spark the courage to pursue your own dreams, and fulfill your destiny.

For those who would like to explore reflection, application, and expansion on the messages in Dragonfly Denny (much of which has been presented in speaking engagements to adults), you can read about them by searching “Dragonfly Denny” in this website’s blog The Denim Rose

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